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Twenty One – keys to house for some, episode we have reached. Time to have a quick look back on the first twenty episodes, through dropping – like a needle on a record – into most chats to hear from the wonderful guests that have joined us.

Starting with once video store worker Holly Throsby to latest episode with guest Tilman Robinson.

Will continue to see episode numbers here – on the official radionotes Podcast website – but over at Apple Podcasts/iTunes and the like, will be going with a straight title… as they now have a more prominent reference to the Season/episode. Mention this, as the landscape for the medium since when recorded first chat (March 5, 2017) to now has change and moved a lot. As a truly independent media it can be like watching speeding cars, that you need to be in… to get to the next town of sharing/where the ears are at.

Hope this episode will give a taste to other chats you may not have had a chance to discover yet…

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PHOTO IMAGE CREDIT: One of my own, seems apt for this episode

SHOW NOTES: Twenty One episode

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FEATURE: Twenty One

Quick over-view of the first twenty episodes

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