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G’day – After decades in radio, John Murch has turned their craft to on-demand form of audio. Regular episodes ready for the wireless and available first in Podcast.

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Having had interviewed the likes of Sia to Steven Marshall, this podcast will have an anchor in the waters of music (though will not fear the gritty sands of other topics in it’s journey).
Musicians chattin’ life, others talking music (and much more).
Long form chats that are not thirsty for the ‘promo’, together with much more than will develop and be heard as the episodes are released.
Winner Best Entertainment Podcast in the 2022 Australian Podcast Awards.

Winner Best Entertainment Podcast, Australian Podcast Awards 2022


Feature chat, charts and stories. Each episode of equal length, so radio can air with room for local announcements and messages. Though, why wait if you want to listen now – you can here.

John Murch

Broadcaster, as well as Director with skills in all aspects of producing radio. Ready to engage stories and has done so through many sectors of the media for decades. Hosting Breakfast radio, filing for News stories, presenting music shows and much more.

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Share a yarn, request a chat or suggest a guest. While a solo produced project, John is keen to cast an eye over words not written by them. Here’s where to make that happen.

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