radionotes podcast episodes

G’day, I’m John Murch (many years of the moniker ‘radionotes’) and this is my podcast.

Having interviewed thousands (admittedly high number due to Breakfast radio) of folk, rarely have the tables been turned. On the balcony of my local, perched on a bar stool and unscripted took questions from Steve Davis (The Adelaide Show).

Very much going for soft-launch, sure means will not hit the charts – but my broadcasts have never been about that.

The first official episode will be released Sunday 6th January 2019.

Here you can find out what is planned and who is behind making of.

Davis probed what ‘radionotes’ Podcast is about. Which at this stage, still a developing creature. As you’ll hear here, it’s quite the organic beast that… with engagement will grow.

Now is perfect time to subscribe on iTunes, follow with Podbean or the equal action of your favourite pod-catcher service. Aim is to be weekly from 2019, with a ‘tribute’ episode in December 2018 to appear in feeds – more on that when it is ready to share.

Thank you to Steve Davis of The Adelaide Show Podcast that can be found here. An amazing collection – more than 260 episodes – of chats they’ve done and a real shining example of a podcast.

Colin Hay (solo/Men At Work) is mentioned during our chat – more on them here

All the socials… for conversations, not breakfasts