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Giving a short thanks to each fellow breakfast radio co-host then dropped a tight time-call, that was how ended show and the last words broadcasted of Richard Marsland – a decade ago today. Lunch spent with work mates in Victoria. Evening called the family back in South Australia. Following day, his body was found with the reported cause of death by suicide.

Before then he had touched so many people with his talents – as writer, comedian, broadcaster and so much more

He was so much better than us – Hamish & Andy noted of their work with him during the Athens Olympics.

As try to write here, it is overwhelming what he achieved and those he gave his time to. Fear to start as likely miss someone.

For me, Richard gave the drive and words to continue in my career. After reaching the heights of Radio Director and at same time Commercial News Reporter, there were some issues of my work that his words of advice that got me back on track…. and even years after his passing, what he shared so generously many years prior came back starkly in 2010 at my lowest to launch one of my proudest radio outputs.

2016 spoke with his parents (pictured), who wish there be more conversations about the health issue that relates to his passing.

The conversation shared here:

Links that might give a better insight into Richards work.

These three links provided thanks to a member of Champagne Comedy Site:

Last broadcast with Richard

Tribute 2009 – first show back without Richard

Get This – Richard Marsland Lives Podcast

Here are a few more links:

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Adam Hills – Life On Marsland

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Fellow Get This team member – Tony Martin and Matt Dower’s Sizzletown (Podcast)

Greg Fleet’s book ‘These Things Happen’ has chapter called Is There Life on Mars?

#ImRichard hashtag on Twitter

Periodically will add other links.

At Richard’s funeral said to myself, would give decade to honour and shine a light on him and his career. With that time nearing am going to retreat with public displays of awareness and do one thing that he gave the clarity to do so well. My deepest thoughts to his family, friends and those work with him.

Hope sharing – as when first did, seem to – this chat with Richard’s parents will help, though also understand the conversation may raise issues, if you need to talk to someone about your feelings Lifeline (24/7) 13 11 14

Resources available at beyondblue as well as Black Dog Institute.


As for ‘radionotes’ official first episode of Podcast still pencilled in for Sunday 6th January 2019.