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Gravity Wing is novel and musical cycle by author, contralto, composer and multi-instrumental Clio Em, who also performs as part of Theater an der Wien in Vienna Austria. Their works have no define genre, though do draw from folk, electronica, classical and that of science fiction – as part of this episode you will hear both a short story and works from them. Tales of New Canada: Captaincy is the work, commissioned by radionotes as part of series of short stories that complement the novel and tunes included in this episode are Chimes (from the Gravity Wing soundtrack) and NCE 3 (another original piece).

Story is read by Tammy Weller. Enjoy…

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(Short Story/Tale – starts at 14’45”, for those that wish to dive straight in… there)


Background: Clio Em is an amazing creative Artist, with diversity of skills in both composing and performing. Their writing is other worldly, literally – to. So when a chance came up to help fundraise the production of their Gravity Wing novel and other works, it was a pleasure to chip in and help. Art is an amazing and unique gift to give (when you can) – this piece was commissioned with the tenderness such sharing can provide. Am lucky to have a physical copy of the novel and often flip through to take in a few pages, that includes glorious and detail works from Hali Rey – in the future hope it is available more widely… but for now would strongly encourage diving into the works of Clio Em and ofcource this episode that includes their Tales of New Canada: Captaincy.

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Feature: Captaincy by Clio Em

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[Radio Production – notes: Short story starts with an Introduction at 14’29” and ends at 28’34” music used includes Chimes and NCE 3 both compositions of and performed by Clio Em]


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None this episode, as the feature is a Short Story – that can be read in full here