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015 Glitoris

Glitoris have released Licks & Politics off their album The Policy. Back in August of 2018, two members of the Canberra outfit - Andrew and Tony - had a chat. To listen, click the green ‘play’ triangle... [note: may take few seconds to load]  IMAGE CREDIT:...

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014 Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor is an entertainer, who's more than a comedian as he uses a wide tool-kit to keep audiences engaged. Has hosted television as well as writing material for it, including Jay Leno. While in Adelaide, Taylor sat down for a chat with a manuscript open to his...

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013 Rachel Eckroth

Rachel Eckroth is currently on tour with Rufus Wainwright, performing tunes from their own album When It Falls before joining Wainwright in their band as part of the World-Wide All These Poses Tour. Also, to mark the release of Laura Imbruglia's Scared Of You album in...

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012 Christopher Sprake

Christopher Sprake is an engaging singer, songwriter, performer and producer based in Victoria, Australia. Their latest release is East Coast Low and they are currently in the North Hemisphere touring it. As part of Tour of Melbourne (June 2018), spoke at length with...

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011 Mosquito Coast

Mosquito Coast born in Perth, Western Australia and named after an 80s film with Harrison Ford in it. Started their musical journey together while still in High School, now in their second decade filling clubs with their blend "sun-bleached, guitar-driven pop". Naomi...

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010 Coby Grant

Coby Grant is a singer and songwriter based in Berlin, who has recently appeared on television in Germany and about to tour their own music in May. Back in April 2011, there were in Australia preparing to leave for their big music adventure and while in Adelaide,...

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009 The Smile Case

The Smile Case have just released Murder Weather (Blacktop Records) a release that includes members of Wheatus, The Killjoys, Single Mothers, Kill Surf City, Elias The Band and more. Ben Andress (guitarist, vocalist and songwriter) from the group and Manager of the...

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008 Jeb Cardwell

Jeb Cardwell is the son of well know broadcaster Roger Cardwell and brother of singer/songwriter Abbie Cardwell - though also a musician, songwriter and guitar repairer in their own right. As part of 'radionotes' tour of Melbourne last year, had the chance to drop...

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007 Brianna Hall

Brianna Hall is the founder and director of Eliana, who came to my attention as they jested with a future Gold Logie winner. Perfect feature guest to have as someone in life chattin' music and more. Hall gave (recorded mid-2018) an open conversation about themselves,...

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006 Sarah Belkner

Sarah Belkner is currently on tour with Missy Higgins. Back in March 2017 they were touring with Olympia and after a show as part of the Adelaide Fringe spoke about their own debut album But You Are, But It Has. Also, in this episode introduce a new segment called...

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005 – Ash Davies

TABLO founder and CEO Ash Davies as a teenager wanted to publish their own book, when it appeared to be hard to do - they set up their own publishing company with social integration. In this chat - recorded last June as part of 'radionotes' Melbourne tour - John Murch...

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004 – XANI

XANI is a violinist, songwriter, artistic director and more. Who has given their violin stylings to recordings including Paul Kelly, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Tim Rogers, Clare Bowditch and more. Recently working with Black Swan State Theatre Company on 'Xenides'...

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003 – MAXON

MAXON singer, songwriter and vocal teacher from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria is our feature guest this episode. Their latest is 'History' - that's the name of the Single - which was yet to be released, when this chat was recorded in City of Melbourne back in...

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002 – Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull has released 'How We Disappeared' an EP of emotion and change. Single "Hard Way" is not only one of the most driven tunes of the last year, but also measured in dealing. Personally, past releases of Hull have got me to look at life from a different...

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001 – Holly Throsby

For well over a decade, I’ve been waiting to have a conversation - for the wireless - with Holly Throsby. Then a chance came up and it was on my final day of live radio. Knowing in time I would make a podcast, I offered her to be my first guest on it and here we are....

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#ImRichard – in memory of

Giving a short thanks to each fellow breakfast radio co-host then dropped a tight time-call, that was how ended show and the last words broadcasted of Richard Marsland - a decade ago today. Lunch spent with work mates in Victoria. Evening called the family back in...

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000 – Interviewer is interviewed

G’day, I’m John Murch (many years of the moniker ‘radionotes’) and this is my podcast. Having interviewed thousands (admittedly high number due to Breakfast radio) of folk, rarely have the tables been turned. On the balcony of my local, perched on a bar stool and...

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